Volunteer Form

Volunteer Form

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Dear, dear ..

The volunteer is a person who has a volunteer social work experience (voluntary experience) and without waiting for money.
As for the voluntary work of obvious benefit, both private and public, in the world and in the Hereafter, and because it has a role in rooting the principles of Islam and promoting social solidarity, we give you the opportunity to pay zakat on your health, perhaps we have contributed together in the advancement of society and reform.

 We would like to inform you of the terms and conditions of volunteering at the Saudi Business Incubator “Makin”, as follows:
1. Seriousness and a sense of responsibility.
2. Commitment to the times agreed upon.
3 – Excellence in a degree of awareness and culture or skill in the world of volunteering.
4 – belonging to volunteer work and cooperation and teamwork.
5 – Adhere to the uniform and decent representation of the association.
6. Preserving the privacy of the association.
7 – not waiting for any material returns.

basic information

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general data

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Languages you know

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Programs and tasks you prefer

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In normal circumstances, select the time of your choice to serve you

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Number of volunteer hours

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Experience and cognitive skills

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Volunteer Notes