Membership form

Membership form

Membership Terms

A member of the Society must have the following conditions:

1. To be a Saudi national.
2. That he has completed the age of eighteen years.
3. To be fully qualified and legitimate.
4. He shall not be convicted of an offense against honor or honesty unless he has been rehabilitated.

Membership Types


Working member:

The member shall have the right to attend the meetings of the General Assembly and vote on its decisions and to nominate himself for membership of the Board of Directors after one year from the date of joining the Association and pay an annual contribution of ( 1000) as a minimum.

Associate Member:

The Board of Directors shall accept this after fulfilling the conditions stipulated in the conditions of membership other than the age requirement. The member shall not have the right to attend the meetings of the General Assembly nor to nominate for membership of the Board of Directors and shall pay an annual subscription of SR 500.

Honorary Member:

Is a member granted by the Association for its services provided by the great material or moral helped to achieve its goals and has the right to attend the meetings of the General Assembly and discuss what is raised without the right to vote or nomination.

Honorary member:

He is the member granted by the Honorary General Assembly to the Board of Directors and shall have the right to discuss in its meetings but has no right to vote and does not prove in his presence the validity of the meeting.

Membership loss

The member of the association is lost in one of the following cases:

1. Death.
2. Withdrawal from the Assembly by written request.
3. If he loses one of the conditions of membership mentioned in the membership conditions.
4. If the Society intentionally intentionally damages material or moral damages, and this is due to the Board of Directors.
5. If he fails to pay the subscription for a period of six months from the beginning of the financial year of the Association after he has been notified of a letter at the address of the blogger, a decision of the Board of Directors shall be issued.
During the period of his membership or after his loss, a member shall not be entitled to recover any contributions, donations or donations made to the Society, whether in cash or in kind, whatever the reasons, and this shall apply to his legitimate and legal successors.

Membership Obligations

The member of the association is committed to:

1. Fulfill the obligations of membership of the Association and carry out the duties stipulated in these rules and internal regulations of the Assembly.
2. Adhere to the resolutions of the General Assembly and the decisions of the Board of Directors.
3. To notify the Assembly in writing of any amendments to the title of the blogger.

Membership form

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Deposit or donation in the accounts of the Association at the following banks

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the National Bank IBAN-SA5715000999300002300007 Zakat and donations
the National Bank 999300002300015 Sub account