Application for admission

Application for admission

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Terms & Conditions:

The beneficiary of the Society’s services shall have the following conditions:

– To be a Saudi national.
– The recipient must have a secondary certificate or higher
– The recipient should be 18-40 years old.
– To be fully qualified legally.
– The consent of the guardian if the beneficiary is in the care of her family, except for the self-employed beneficiary.
– In the interest of the Association throughout the process of offering social service, the beneficiary of the services of the association who have acquired the experience and skill to provide assistance to others who are nominated by the Association.
– Compliance with laws and regulations.
– The name of the association may not be used to request material or personal aid from any local or international body.
– It is not permissible to use a card to join the association except for those who are mentioned in it, and no one else has the right to benefit from it or use the name of the association in any case.

Loss of beneficiary for the services of the Association:
– Death.
– Withdrawal from the Assembly by written request.
– If he loses one of the conditions of joining according to the above order.
– If the association intentionally inflicted serious damages, whether material or moral, for the discretion of the Board of Directors.
– If one of the terms of the partnership contract concluded with the association.

Please fill out the application carefully and carefully

basic information

Full Name
Educational Qualification
Date of Birth
Social status
Place of study
Headquarters of the work
Job title

general data

Mobile number
Telephone number
Fax Number
mail box
City / Country :
Postal code :
Are you a beneficiary of another charity?
name of the authority :
Type of join :
Number of members :

Participants family members - Company members in the production process

First triple name
First civil registration number
first relationship
first mobile number
first qualification
first production cycle
second triple name
second civil registration number
second relationship
second mobile number
second qualification
second production cycle
third triple name
third civil registration number
third relationship
third mobile number
third qualification
third production cycle
fourth triple name
fourth civil registration number
fourth relationship
fourth mobile number
fourth qualification
fourth production cycle

Experience and cognitive skills

first experience and cognitive skills
second experience and cognitive skills
third experience and cognitive skills
fourth experience and cognitive skills

explain the idea of the project